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Expert Duro-Last Roof Installation

Duro-Last Membrane, PVC membrane was created for pools. This means this type of surface was meant to have water on it. Created into a roofing product, this type of roof will last you 30+ years. Once installed, it's considered a monolithic roof, (once all the welding is done, it’s considered just one big piece).

At United Roofing of Colorado, we only work with one type of roof, and we do it very well. That’s Duro-Last roofs. If you are looking for a ceramic, metal roof, or asphalt shingles, we do not provide those services.

Duro-Last Roofs are Cost-Effective

We provide affordable and competitive pricing with our installation surfaces. With a Duro-last roof, there is no glue or tar. The roof is mechanically fastened without adhesives. This cuts down on labor costs that we know you’ll appreciate.

The membrane itself is custom fabricated. We'll go up on your roof to take measurements for the sheets and details. Then, the sheets are customized at the factory, therefore, cutting down on waste and labor costs.

This type of roof is watertight, highly reflective (solar advantage), and resistant to chemicals, fire, and high winds.

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